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Borosil Radius Cup & Saucer Set Oven, Microwave Safe
Carafe w Inbuilt Strainer
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The charm of transparent tea cups is evergreen. Keep your beverages hot and present them aesthetically with glass tea cups and mugs. Whether looking for traditional or modern designs, you can discover these beauties in various sizes, shapes, and patterns. Furthermore, whether you want something classic or contemporary, glass cups suit your decor and lifestyle. So enjoy a warm cup of tea in transparent glasses crafted from the finest materials. Relish the time spent with family and friends while sipping great beverages.

Types of Glass Cups 

You can buy a range of glass cups on Borosil at the best price, including these glass cups set. 

  • Radius Cup & Saucer Set

The Radius cup set is inspired by the Radius glasses by Borosil. These glass coffee cups have a soft look with rounded edges, which gives them an air of sophistication. Its 100% flameproof technology allows using the glass tea set directly over the flame. The high-quality glass does not absorb stains or odours and remains crystal clear after repeated use. 

  • Piccolo Cup & Saucer Set

The Piccolo cup set can be used as tea or glass coffee mugs. The timeless rounded design is a pleasure to look at, while the functionality of the glass tea set makes them perfect for everyday use. The cups are scratch, heat, stain and flame resistant, which allows them to work with high temperatures, a wide variety of liquids, and even refrigerators, as they can withstand low temperatures.

  • Piccoletta Tea Set

The Piccoletta Tea Set is the perfect collection of 6 Piccolo tea glass cups with saucers, 1 glass carafe with a plastic lid, 1 glass sugar pot and a glass milk pot. The Piccoletta tea set is for you if you want a matching set. It is perfect for days when you have guests over and want to impress them with a sophisticated tea set. 

Things You Should Consider When Buying Glass Cups

Whenever you are buying glass mugs or cups, there are some things you should look for to ensure your glass cups are durable and functional.

  • The glass cup should be made of 100% borosilicate since these cups are much tougher and of far superior quality than regular glass cups.

  • The glass cups should be microwave, oven, and refrigerator safe since drinks often need to be reheated, and desserts are cooled before consumption.

  • The glass should be stain and odour-proof for long-lasting clarity and usability.

  • A good quality glass cup will never turn cloudy after repeated usage and maintain its clear transparency. 

Borosil Glass Cups - A Clear Touch of Luxury

Borosil is the leading producer of high-quality glass drinkware designed for everyday use. Whether you use the cups for tea or as a coffee glass cup, you can enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. When you buy glass cups from Borosil, you get the best price, fast delivery and a 7-day return policy to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.